Allen Brook and Mansfield Art Studios

The painting above, made in '08-'09, depicts the old Williston train station. This is one of two images that depict historic buildings of our town. The children learned how to project an image, copy it onto canvas and observe angles, color values and tones and other details from the original black and white photos. They also imagined the colors of the building, sidewalks, train, clothing and surrounding landscape. The paintings hung for a while at Dorothy Alling Library and now are at Allen Brook School.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Clay Coil Lanterns

Third and fourth graders are currently working in clay. They are constructing their lanterns, using the coil technique and the slip and score method of attachment. Their pieces will be bisque fired, glazed and then fired again. To see work in progress click here.

First and Second Grade Stitchery Birds

The students are learning to sew and are able to choose from a variety of stitches including running, satin, chain, blanket and French knots. To see photos of work in progress click here.